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Hi, I’m Lindsay (Chewy) and this is my all-purpose showcase room for random things I am working on, participating in, or tossing around in my head. I enjoy translating Japanese into English, so I’ll upload various things I’ve translated.

I can be contacted at lindsay at fangamer dot com.

  1. thank you for the continuing translation of “lets meet in a dream”

    it is the greatest thing to read a new part of this.

  2. Zain Haq permalink

    I just stumbled across this blog (being a fan of the Mother series) and it’s absolutely fascinating! Reading about Itoi’s history as a copywriter was very insightful.

    Thanks for taking the time to write this blog 😀

  3. Hello,

    I’m working in Niigata for a year or more and am very interested in “Let’s Meet in a Dream.” I am ordering both versions of the book and am going to attempt translating parts as well. I was wondering if you’d like to collaborate.


    • Lindsay permalink

      Hi Robert! I take it you are on the JET Program just as I am 😉

      My “Let’s Meet in a Dream” project is more for the sake of improving my skills as well as several other personal goals, so I wouldn’t consider this one something I would collaborate on. But I’ve seen a few other websites translating it as well, which I am super excited about–it’s not often you get to see how others view and interpret things you’ve worked on separately. I find it fascinating to compare my translation with those of other people.

      I’d love to see your work as well, so I look forward to reading your translations once you get the books and take a crack at it!

  4. bobbin permalink

    Hi Lindsay,

    Yes I am a JET. I live and work in Itoigawa-shi. Please add me on facebook:

    Do you have links to any of the other sites translating “Let’s Meet in a Dream”? This was the only one I’ve found except for some small excerpts at Earthbound Central. I got the 1986 version of the book but am still seeking out the original. Please invite me to join you on any of your future escapades, I have a hard time hearing about any of these events before it’s too late. I am comfortable with traveling to the Tokyo area and have done it a couple times already.

    Are you familiar with a JET in the Niigata area named Theo Brown?

    I am a filmmaker in America, please take a look at my latest short film when you get a chance.

    Very nice to meet you,
    Robert Shane Ellis

  5. Oh yeah, bobbin = Robert Shane Ellis. haha…

  6. Hi… I just wanted to tell you that after reading your blog I have decided that I am in love with you lindsay… ❤

    head over heals.
    flat out in love.

    email me hello:
    I must ask a question :3

  7. fri permalink

    Hi Lindsay, I googled you after seeing your name right above mine in the 映像翻訳コンテスト results which were posted today. Congratulations, hope you’re as happy as I am!

    • Lindsay permalink

      Thanks, congratulations to you too! I am very happy, my first contest win! ♪ I wanted the Vita, though!!! Haha!

  8. Hi, Lindsay!

    My name is GlitterBerri, and I’m a freelance Japanese to English translator with a focus on retro game material, just like you. It’s really damn rare to come across another girl who’s interested in this sort of stuff, so I just wanted to say, props to you!

    Shoot me an email sometime. 🙂

    • Lindsay permalink

      Hey GlitterBerri,

      Sweet!! Kindred spirits 😀 You’ve got a sweet site, I’ll try and figure out how I can put some links alongside my blog so I can link to it. Banzai retro game research! ❤

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