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Hobonichi’s plainspoken new haramaki: “I am wearing this.”

November 22, 2012

Haramakis are  belly warmers, a Japanese wardrobe staple that was once tossed into the cultural bin of “underwear garments that only old people wear.” In 2001 Shigesato Itoi’s company reimagined them as cute apparel that you’re allowed (and encouraged) to wear over your clothes.

This year’s models have this very Itoi-sounding slogan:

Itoi probably didn’t write this, since it started out as English, but it fits inside his copy-closet like a glove. Last year I wrote up an extensive look at his copywriting work, if you want to see for yourself.

If you know a little Japanese you can order your own haramaki at the Hobonichi Store, along with other quirky keep-warm gear. I bought a haramaki a few years back and wear it under my sweater every winter; belly warmers really do work!

The limited edition Bouillon haramaki I snagged featured Itoi’s photogenic dog.

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  1. boyonthemoon permalink

    Itoi’s self proclaimed career is to make others happy, but his work makes me sad because I know I’ll never attain an off beat emotionally whiplashing eccentric sense of the world like he does. 😦

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